What is this?

Deckboard is a dynamic, configurable and expansible digital signage solution running on nodejs, capable of displaying different page subsets across multiple rooms and views/screens (i.e. context specific page lists, sincronized across all viewers).

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Content structure

Deckboard is organized according to the following structure (bottom-up):

Contains details on a page that should be shown (when active) for a specified duration
Group of pages that should be cycled when displaying the Deckboard for this view
Set of views that relate to each other (in a business/context specific way)
(the) Deckboard
Set of configured rooms


Requirements: NodeJS platform installed
Step one: navigate to the destination folder and git clone git@bitbucket.org:ricardosousa/deckboard.git
Step two: install Deckboard Node.js module dependencies (expressjs, jade, nosql and related dependencies) with npm install
Step three: start Deckboard Node.js server with node deckboard.js
Step four (optional): access Deckboard settings page at http://<host>:7474/settings and override the default configuration at will


To configure the displayed pages and their respective groupings (i.e. Deckboard views and groups), navigate to the Pages menu.
Generic configurations such as the server port (defaults to 7474), the minimum refresh interval when building deckboard displays (defaults to 2 seconds), the default preload time (defaults to 5000 ms) and the default page duration for a new page entry (defaults to 5000 ms), can be configured on the Settings menu.

Contact and Support

Deckboard's source code is hosted on BitBucket at https://bitbucket.org/ricardosousa/deckboard/ and maintained by Ricardo Sousa.
If you want to submit an issue, please use this page. Otherwise, to contact the creator of Deckboard directly, please see this contact page or send an email to ricardo[at]maiasousa[dot]com.


This open source software is licenced under the Affero General Public Licence version 3.0.

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